Monday, March 31, 2008

T-Minus 33 hours

Today, I took a look at all my spring and summer dresses hanging in my closet. And then I took a look at the weather report and did sort of a double take.

I mean - yay! No call for wearing summer dresses! My skin is so white it glows. The radioactive kind of glowing. The fact that it will be cool, cloudy and or raining is super fantastic.

But then again - my hair freaks in humid conditions, and my skin reacts weird and my wardrobe? Consists of summer dress and a few pairs of jeans and some stained tees from Target.

I took a kamikaze run through a department store, grabbing things that looked like they might work in an orgy of I'll try this on at home shopping. Back at home, I tried on everything, and there's a few things that might sort of work, but nothing that I love.

I just want some outfits to love. I just need some outfits to love. Everybody needs some outfits to luh-uuuve.

I decided to console myself with some Botan Rice Candy (just wait until I finally write my letter to my body - it'll be a doozy!) and picked up some of those $3.99 black cloth mary janes from the Asian Grocery.

And I love them. LOVE. Granted, they aren't the most practical footwear for rain, and I'm frankly running out of time to put together any outfits worth wearing.

This is a big ole dilemma. More shopping? Real shopping with trying things on? Making do with what I have and (to borrow a quote from my mother) accepting that people will just say "Oh, Jenny - she's just not into fashion."

Can I just scream it from the rooftops now? I'm Jenny and I'm just not into fashion. And I really like my cheapo cloth mary janes. I even wear maternity shirts and I don't give a hooey!

I guess I could squeeze into my nice slacks that are two sizes too small. That's a fun look. Business from the thighs down, party in the back and spilling over the waistband.

Or I could wear some of my summer dresses with tights and a sweater and complete my transformation into deranged toddler/80-year-old woman.


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Leeanthro said...

I have serious post-baby muffin top action!

Here are my spring fashion picks:

But I can't guarantee that you'll be stylin' in them.

I actually wish it was going to be warmer so I could wear capris.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'm not bringing anything that exposes mah white legs.

Heather said...

My baby is 6 and I still have post-baby muffin top action!

Also Agonizing Over What to Wear

P.S. I have cute shoes, too, and I'm hoping they will get me through this.

Anonymous said...

Crap, I just realized something. My commute is less than an hour. Still. I'll be staying over and probably still need to, you know, pack stuff!

Not mention, being nervous as hell:

Now, off to Target!

Anonymous said...

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