Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spouses, Employers, and Wine Oh My

I'm getting so excited about this trip. I know my husband is probably wishing he could drop me off at the airport tonight. Ha! ;) Does anyone else feel like they're driving their spouse insane with excitement over this trip?

I just got my AmEx boarding pass reminder in my e-mail. Wahoo! I'm very thankful this is a direct flight for me. I'm a nervous traveler. I foresee a glass of wine upon arrival in New Jersey.

For those of you who work, did you tell your employer the details? I just requested time off for a mom's retreat. I don't really feel comfortable tooting my blog horn here at the office. I know one co-worker who occasionally reads it, but no one really seems to get the "blog thing" at work.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! I arrive fairly early (1:30.)


Jenny said...

Woo hoo! It's coming up so fast now. And I'm not even sort of ready!

I think we'll be getting in around 4 pm.

Carmen said...

I'll be there at 12. And my bosses and coworkers know - it's kind of silly not to tell them, as they read my site and are some of my biggest supporters.