Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So Nervous to Meet Real Bloggers

Jenny, you aren't the only one with clothing issues. I went out last night because I needed something to go with my classy maternity shirt (shhhh, don't tell anyone that my youngest is 2 years old!) I bought a pair of capris. Only they aren't capris on me. They're just pants. I kinda look like George Costanza. I know, I know. Don't be all jealous now.
I'm so looking forward to this trip! Wine - good. Dinner out - good. A bed all to myself without toddler feet, knees, and elbows kicking me in the face all night - good. The smell of Johnson's baby lotion - good.
I'm not so sure about the braiding, bug juice, ghost stories, and getting my butt kicked playing Wii (my children have informed me I'm pathetic because my Wii age is 492.)
Sooo, if you see a George Costanza shaped dork wearing a maternity shirt and floods, sitting over in the corner looking nervous because she doesn't know a single person, it's me. You know, just so you can avoid me and all.


Jenny said...

I'm so going to wear my capri-length on normal people pants now. We can be twins!

And We'll get you kicking your kids' butts on the Wii. Just you wait.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'm barely 5 ft. 2 so I totally get the capris are normal thing. Sigh...

I've NEVER played a Wii. I may come home and have withdrawal.